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Clinical Supervision with Dr. Steele:
I offer individual and group supervision to psychotherapists seeking to develop and refine their clinical skills and/or fulfill requirements for licensure. My supervisory experience includes 3,000 hours of individual and group supervision provided over a period of 11 years as a faculty member of a pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship. In addition, I have provided ongoing clinical supervision to a number of therapists working in mental health agencies and private practice. Serving as a clinical supervisor and mentor is one of my favorite professional activities. I work well with supervisees from diverse theoretical orientations and cultural backgrounds. Sliding scale fees can be arranged for anyone who might otherwise be unable to afford supervision.

Dr. Steele as a Therapist For Students:
There is nothing more essential in the training of a psychotherapist than exploring the therapy process from the point of view of a client. In addition to becoming more aware of personal issues that may affect one's work as a therapist, the student who undergoes her or his own therapy is able to both observe a seasoned therapist at work and discover how it actually feels to be on the receiving end of various therapeutic interventions. In serving as a therapist for students, I am prepared to be flexible in my approach in order to meet individual learning needs. Before beginning a course of therapy, the student/client and I will discuss special needs and requests and develop a common understanding of how we might work together. If, for example, a student so chooses, time may be set aside after or between sessions to discuss any technical, theoretical or professional identity questions that may arise. Sliding scale fees, payment plans and scheduling guidelines will be agreed upon in advance.

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