Psychotherapy In Boulder, John W. Steele and Thiya Steele
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John W. Steele, Ph.D

What is my personal style as a therapist? Clients comment on my warmth and empathy. I listen carefully, give nonjudgmental feedback, and offer encouragement to try out new behaviors. I help clients focus on their bodily felt sense as we discuss issues. This takes the work of therapy to a deeper level.

About Dr. Steele:
After completing my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Toronto in 1989, I moved to Rochester, NY, opened a psychotherapy practice and served as a clinical supervisor at a mental health center. I became involved in Zen and apprenticed as a yoga teacher. These experiences awakened an interest in integrating meditation and psychotherapy. Through training in focusing and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, I discovered that guiding clients to access their felt sense at a bodily level enables them to work through their issues more effectively.

Since moving to Boulder, I have been offering psychotherapy to adults and clinical supervision to therapists. In addition, I have taught psychology at Naropa University, yoga at the Yoga Shala, mindfulness-based stress reduction through Kaiser Permanente and grief education and support with HospiceCare.

Professional Credentials:

  • Colorado Licensed Psychologist #2878
  • Ph.D. Psychology, University of Toronto, 1989
  • Colorado Psychological Association Member
  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
  • Certified Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist and Trainer
  • Adjunct Professor, Naropa University
  • Registered Yoga Teacher

Am I the right therapist for you?
Please call me or schedule a free initial interview to ask about my training, experience, therapeutic methods, policies and fees.

Thiya Steele, M.S. ED., NCC

What is my personal style as a therapist? I have a down-to-earth demeanor and use a holistic and eclectic approach, which means I tailor the counseling to whatever is appropriate to you and your specific situation. Listening deeply and without judgment, I do everything possible to put you at ease in a process that can bring up feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty. It is my intention to honor your boundaries and values, while acknowledging and supporting your personal gifts and strengths.

About Thiya:
Since completing my Masters Degree in Counseling from the State University of New York in 1985, I've been a psychotherapist in clinical settings and private practice, working with individuals, families, children and couples. With deep insight and specific techniques, my guidance can bring clarity and a sense of calm to your life. I'll help you better understand your emotions, empower you to identify and work through all the places you're stuck in your life, while taking into consideration your background, current life situation and goals.

As a meditation practitioner and Shamanic journeying instructor and facilitator, I honor the value of transpersonal experiences for individual growth. Since moving to Boulder, Colorado, I've come to love the Front Range for its natural beauty and plentiful sunshine. My love of nature has led me to become a volunteer naturalist, leading tours of the native flora and fauna for the City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks program.

Professional Credentials:

  • Masters Degree in Counseling, Bilingual Multicultural Concentration, SUNY College at Brockport, New York: 1985
  • Bachelors Degree in Social Work, SUNY College at Brockport, New York: 1980
  • National Certified Counselor since 1995

Am I the right therapist for you?
Please call me or schedule a free initial interview to ask about my training, experience, therapeutic methods, policies and fees.

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